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GAA Builders offers its customers a unique building experience with a genuine commitment to personalized service and customer satisfaction.  From a simple bath remodel to the complete construction of a new home,  GAA Builders has the experience, expertise, and the resources to get the job done and is quickly establishing itself as St. Louis' premier Engineered Home builder. We offer Anguilla Homes and Villas, as well as Anguilla Rentals.  Click here to view our gallery of newly constructed homes and rehabilitated homes.

GAA Builders is Lead Certified.

We work with agents, lenders and clients to complete desired repairs.  Click here for a listing of what we offer. 

GAA is now building safe, fun playgrounds for our kids along with Ascend Sports Marketing.  Turf is the way to go!  We can build at your residence, school or day care.  Help us spread the word to keep our kids safe.  No more asphalt-wood chips or concrete.  Click here to read the testimonial from Father Bommarito of St. Ambrose Church.

GAA Builders has been developing properties in the St. Louis metropolitan area for the last ten years and has successfully completed the redevelopment of approximately sixty properties.  We also build modular homes in the Caribbean.  In the past, GAA Builders had focused solely on residential stick and brick, on-site development.  However, due to the rising costs associated with site built homes, the traditional method of residential construction was becoming less and less profitable for us as a developer.  In an effort to remain profitable and ensure the long term success of GAA Builders, we began researching other methods of residential construction.  This search led us to the modular or "pre-engineered" housing industry two years ago.  The research performed by GAA Builders has determined that using off-site engineered homes allows us to build better homes, in less time, and at lower cost per square foot than with any other method of construction.  Over the last two years GAA Builders has successfully built nine engineered homes in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Why Modular?

“Modular construction has become the construction method of choice for the quality-and cost-conscious house buyer. The best-built modular homes are better built than the vast majority of stick-built homes. Modular homes offer better materials, state-of-the-art construction technology, superior finished quality, and time and money savings. And you gain all of these benefits without sacrificing design or amenities.”  [read more]



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